AccuZIP, Inc.

Our Technology. Your Success.
AccuZIP, Inc., a national software company, provides feature rich solutions to manage Contact Data Quality, Address Hygiene, USPS Postal Presorting and Compliance, and Mail Tracking and Reporting. Since 1992, AccuZIP Inc. has created award-winning, powerful and robust data quality and direct mail software. The United States Postal Service certifies AccuZIP Inc.’s many products and services at the highest levels and we are SOC2 and HIPAA-HITECH compliant.

AccuZIP’s many products and services include:
--Mailing Software
--Mail Tracking and Analysis
--CASS™ and Direct Mail RESTful API Solutions
--Real-Time Unlimited NCOALink® and Address Validation
--Data Enhancement Services
--Resident and Business Mailings Lists
--Professional Services

AccuZIP recently launched AccuEngage as part of its Professional Services Group offerings. AccuZIP was crowned the 2018 Grand Champion of the prestigious USPS® Next Generation Campaign Award for its entered Informed Delivery Campaign. The AccuZIP Professional Services team motto is ‘Where We Adapt to You’ - with a focus on innovation and using technologies to enhance the workflow and entire mailing process.

For over 25 years, AccuZIP, Inc. has built an outstanding reputation for value, service and innovation. Providing excellent, efficient and courteous technical support and customer service for all our products and services is a top priority.

One of the biggest demonstrations of customer support is AccuZIP’s long-standing price-lock guarantee. Customer partners pay their original price for AccuZIP products and services, regardless of subsequent price changes. Today, AccuZIP continues to charge long-time customers the same rates they paid in 1992.

AccuZIP CEO Steve Belmonte recently stated, "People like consistency and dependability. They want to trust the brand. That's why the price-lock guarantee is hugely important—our customer partners can depend on consistent postal software budgets every year." AccuZIP has built our name on this type of care, and our vision. Trust and consistency matter.


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