Postmatic Inc.

Postmatic manufactures a complete line of high-speed postage stamp affixers and a complete line of high-speed Inline Stamping Bases that replace the old meter bases. These heavy duty Inline Stamping Bases are for use with inserters, inkjet systems or tabbers or can be used as stand alone and will affix stamps in excess of 18,000 per hour. The Inline Stamping Base-Extended is longer than the standard model and will accommodate both a stamp affixer and ink-jet system for inline stamping and/or ink jetting all at the same time in one single pass. Postmatic offers a new Print One Fixed Image Static Printer for printing permits, tag lines, logos or precancelled permits. An extended model is available for stamp affixing and includes the Print One print head. Also offers Seal-Tight Concentrate, a high-performance and cost effective envelope sealing solution that guarantees a tight seal on envelopes.
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