Mail Solutions Inc.

7000 Bryan Dairy Rd., Suite B6
Largo, FL 33777
Fax: 815-377-2568
Mail Solutions Inc. is the home of the original Sealing Solution, QuickSeal. QuickSeal has been used in the mail industry for over 20 years and is time proven to work. QuickSeal instantly activates the envelope glue and provides a secure seal every time. Even envelopes with old or inferior glue can be sealed with QuickSeal. QuickSeal also keeps your sealing system clean and free of algae and bacteria growth that will occur with the use of water. Mail Solutions also provides various space and time saving cart and shelving products. All of our high-quality mail carts and shelving are an all welded construction of high-quality stainless steel. This provides a lightweight, durable product that will provide the user with many years of dependable service. Please visit our website at or call with any questions.
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