Scanna MSC Inc.

4370 S Tamiami Trail Suite 160
Sarasota, FL 34231
Fax: 941-925-1548
SCANNA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialist security scanning equipment, with more than 15,000 installations. Our customers include Police, Government and Postal Departments as well as many other law enforcement agencies and large corporations. Our Scanmail mailscanner and Scanmax cabinet x-ray units are so popular because they are compact, reliable, affordable and very easy to use to scan any suspicious items of mail. As such, they offer a cost effective alternative for security and mailroom managers, who may not have enough funds, nor space to utilise airport type x-ray conveyor equipment. For example, unlike a conveyor machine, our Scanna equipment can sit neatly in a small corner or on a mailroom bench. Scanmax is easily operated by one person alone and is extremely safe to use. Again, unlike conveyor models, operators cannot inadvertedly expose themselves to x-rays by putting their hands inside the tunnel. With Scanmax, you can quickly x-ray bundles of letters, packages and parcels and even briefcases and handbags at reception. By simply clicking the mouse you can zoom in on suspicious areas and view them in colour or in negative. For those customers with limited budgets who currently do not have anything at all to check suspicious mail items, we would recommend our Scanmail 10K mailscanner as a necessary first step. The Scanmail screens letters and packages up to the size of a telephone directory and automatically alarms on highly explosive letterbombs and razor blade devices, as well as other potentially suspicious items. Indeed, many customers find that using Scanmail and Scanmax together, considerably cuts down the time and the overall costs needed to reliably check incoming post.
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