Document Data Solutions LLC

With an industry leading team of consultants, hardware and software developers in addition to our full manufacturing capabilities, Document Data Solutions creates world-class inspection and printing solutions for the printing, mailing and packaging industries. Specializing in data management software, document inspection, reporting solutions, vision systems as well as monochrome and CMYK color inkjet printing solutions, DDS has the expertise to create complete solutions to improve process efficiency and increase production for your business. We specialize in creating custom software and hardware solutions to fit your environment and specific requirements. See how DDS can create a unique solution for your scanning, data collection, reporting or inkjet needs. DDS offers proven, real-world solutions; we provided the piece level integrity solution for the 2010 United States census form mailing of over 200 million records ensuring that every piece was processed as expected. With the help of a DDS enterprise solution, this huge mailing was finished well ahead of schedule, with 100% accuracy and under budget!
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