MSMA San Diego Chapter

PO Box 711663
Santee, CA 92072
858-879-2020 Ext 114
Fax: 858-538-3351
MSMA and YOU: The Network You Need For the Job You Do. Do you work in the mail communications, distribution, print, fulfillment, facilities management and/or document management industries? Founded in 1981, MSMA has 18 local chapters and several thousand members nationwide. MSMA events are designed to provide a meeting place for professionals in these industries to share information, build professional recognition and grow as professionals. MSMA offers three opportunities for professional certification: Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM), Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Supplier (CMDSS), and Mail Design Consultant (MDC). MSMA certifies that candidates that pass these exams have the necessary qualifications and skill sets, and have mastered the specific body of knowledge designated by the Association as requisite for effective performance within the mail communications industry.
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