Innovative Systems, Inc.

790 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Innovative Systems is a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise customer data management solutions to organizations whose success depends on a complete and accurate understanding of their customers. ISI's offerings include the i/Lytics® Enterprise Data Quality Suite; Enlighten for data discovery and data management; PostLocate® global address validation and geocoding solutions for mainframe and open systems (CASS Certified for the US); the Synchronos® enterprise customer platform; i/Lytics Data Governance; FinScan® for sanctions and PEP list screening and CIP/KYC programs; and specific-purpose business support applications to reduce credit losses, identify better prospects, improve customer service, better align service channels to customer value and better execute marketing and business intelligence projects. Since 1968, companies worldwide have relied on ISI's data quality software, systems integration, database solutions and customer information process consulting. The company has set the standard for data quality management in thousands of customer-centric projects utilizing the firm's services and software for creation and maintenance of customer-centric databases. Innovative Systems is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with EMEA headquarters in London, and office in Frankfurt, and representatives in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Norway, and South Africa. ISI software supports Windows, Unix and IBM operating systems in interactive and batch modes. Its screens can easily be adapted to any language, and its software supports Unicode.
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