Meet Click2Mail. We’re engineers who build systems that automate postal mail. Back in 2003, we saw the Internet changing the way business works and introduced a platform enabling small businesses to send postal mail without an inhouse printer, meter or DMM. Over the years, we’ve built enterprise-scale tools that use cloud-based technology and APIs to automate any kind of mail from marketing postcards to business documents like invoices. Our users around the world can send mail whenever, wherever and however they need it, with no minimum volume – one or ten thousand, printed and mailed the next day.

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► Use our free plugins to send documents directly from Microsoft Word or Google Docs. First-Class Mail in just three clicks.
► MailJack+ and Directory Monitor apps use smart detection to automate sending PDFs via postal mail. Set it up once and mail a batch with one click.
► Use our Zapier integrations to set events that automatically trigger mail to be sent.
► Email-to-Mail is a tool that does just that! Send an email and Click2Mail prints and mails the attachment(s) the next day.
► Our APIs enable the integration and/or automation of programmatic mailsending processes into your system or application.

Most importantly, we know postal inside out and our on-demand outsourcing services always produce professional-quality mail. You can send First-Class Mail™, Certified Mail™, Standard/Marketing Mail, Priority Mail™ and more, and rest assured that every address will be CASS standardized and that every mailpiece will have a traceable IMb. Traditionally, producing high quality mail on demand is not simple, but Click2Mail’s goal is to make sending a critical business document via mail as simple as sending an email.

We believe digital is enhancing postal. See for yourself—for your next batch of mailers, try Click2Mail and learn how to use our technology to save your team the hours and dollars it could use elsewhere to grow your business. Automate your mail tasks starting today. Call (855) 294-5601 to learn more and be sure to visit to read over 1500 reviews from our happy customers.

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