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In today’s rapidly interconnecting world, customers and businesses are turning to new digital technologies to communicate. That doesn’t mean that the use of printed mail is diminishing. But it does indicate the need for businesses to adopt an integrated omnichannel strategy.

The future of direct mail is to leverage a host of technologies to connect with customers the way they want to be contacted, while improving the impact of direct mail and ROI.

Melissa Global Intelligence can help direct mailers execute an integrated omnichannel approach. For more than 30 years, Melissa has empowered over 10,000 companies worldwide to verify and append address, phone, and email addresses to improve direct mail, telemarketing, and email marketing effectiveness, and reduce costs.

As mailers look to improve segmentation strategies, personalization, and integrated marketing activities, Melissa provides services to enrich contacts with demographic and firmographic details (like age, household income, marital status, company name, and more), and add social media handles and profiles.

Location Intelligence Helps Mailers
Getting your messages, mail, or shipments delivered on time doesn’t just depend on an accurate address. Sometimes it’s more than that. That’s why along with address verification, Melissa offers location enrichments like property data from over 140 million U.S. properties, and geocoding solutions that add precise latitude/longitude coordinates for over 40 countries, right down to the rooftop level. Pinpointing customer locations helps empower market/region data analysis, map visualizations, planning sales territories and delivery routes, and targeting and clustering efforts.

The Future of Mailing
It’s no secret, the mailing industry is evolving. And the use of new technologies will be at the forefront. Melissa offers the tools to propel your business forward. Are you ready to meet the challenge?

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