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You can sell more direct mail and get amazing results!

Combining traditional direct mail with cutting edge digital marketing is getting results never before seen with direct mail alone.

With overflowing email boxes and empty physical mail boxes, millennials have a renewed interest in the tactile, which is making direct mail more effective than ever. What was once old is new again!

DirectMail2.0 has developed a platform to seamlessly integrate cutting edge digital campaigns to traditional direct mail. We stack on over 5 different digital technologies to enhance and track direct mail effectiveness in one easy to use and deploy platform. The platform delivers near instantaneous reporting directly to your clients, eliminating the need for you to download reports and making you stand out from the rest.

The software has resulted in:
--70% increase in reorders from clients who added this service to their campaigns
--$3 million dollars in additional revenue for just one partner using this software last year.

How do we do this? We add Mail Tracking, Call Tracking, Online Re-targeting, Informed Delivery, Social Media Retargeting and SocialMatch (a pre-mailing warm-up that targets the mailing list names directly). The mailing recipients get dozens of additional impressions of your client’s message whereas with direct mail alone it would be only a single touch.

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