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Fluence Automation

Fluence Automation is a new company with a long history of providing innovative technologies to the mail distribution, logistics and parcel automation markets. 

Before emerging as an independent company, we were formerly the Sorting and Parcels division of Bell and Howell, a 100-year-old company, well known in the industry for high performance, reliable mail and parcel automation systems with software, vision, and imaging components. 

Over the last 30+ years, we have earned a strong position in the commercial sorting segment, and delivered numerous solutions for various entities, including the USPS, the US government, other national posts, mailing service providers (MSPs) and many Fortune 500 companies in various segments. 

We pioneered the use of multi-line optical character recognition (MLOCR) technology in high-speed mail sorting, and the product platform has evolved over the years to include applications as diverse as outgoing sorting, incoming sorting, mail ballot envelope automation (Vote by Mail), and various custom projects that include specialized device development. Our Criterion Apex and Elevate mail sorters, coupled with our SABRE imaging system and NetSort software are well known for handling some of the most complex processing challenges in the industry, while supporting a broad range of mail and package classes. 

Over the last several years, we have grown our footprint outside of mail processing, leveraging our technologies to address challenges in parcels automation. Our parcels systems (ParcelMgr systems and Raptor labeler) offer capabilities for high-performance imaging with optical character recognition (OCR), labelling, conveying and sorting, backed by one of the best service teams in the industry. 

At Fluence, we look forward to being a key part of the mail and parcels automation community in the years to come, by serving our long term customers in the best manner possible, and growing with new customers.

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