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PSL Page Builder Pro – Software for Variable Data Publishing Frustrated or limited by your current variable data printing solution? PSL Page Builder can fix that. Why do PSL Page Builder users think it’s “the best” variable data publishing software solution on planet earth?

--Fast merge speed, commonly 180,000 records per minute, aided by highly versatile workflow automation.
--Flexible performance, flexible workflows and flexible acquisition.
--Functional. There really are no limits.

Today personalization has truly become ubiquitous. In the age of “big data” and high-speed ink jet systems the production of personalized communication is more complicated than ever. PSL Page Builder VDP mitigates complexity. Just a few examples of how this can be accomplished include,
--The ability to manage content globally. A change in a regulatory message, for example, is made once and updated wherever that message is used.
--Managing varying amounts of content as well as the content itself that is included in customer communications easily and automatically.
--Automation of both document composition and production workflow with PSL Page Builder makes personalized communications that are more effective, relevant, and timely. Automation also reduces errors and makes doing the complicated projects easier.
--Extensibility. It is not possible to predict all customer requirements, but it is possible to provide the facilities that allow both Jet Letter and its customers to easily extend PSL as required.

Extensibility is at the core of PSL Page Builder. By providing automation for both production and composition PSL Page Builder can work with other best of breed solutions to deliver a VDP solution that is as seamless as possible. From a single personalized document to millions, PSL Page Builder delivers results. Affordable and capable! PSL Page Builder delivers as either a stand alone VDP solution or as the best of breed core of a customer communications management solution. “Without PSL Page Builder we simply could not do what we do on a daily basis.” Jack Flick, Primenet.

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