Editorial Guidelines
Please read carefully prior to submitting your inquiry

Mailing Systems Technology media is dedicated to the professional development of today's mailing and customer communications professionals. Our mission is to equip these professionals with the tools to succeed in today’s ever-changing industry. Our highly-praised editorial covers the entire mail industry, from postal regulations to mail piece design. Mailing Systems Technology media is proud of the community we have built with our fellow industry professionals, and we welcome their contributions for publication. We encourage all those affiliated with the mail industry to become engaged and to join our community of writers and professionals. We accept editorial contributions from all those interested parties that meet our mission and objectives. The below guidelines are meant to clarify the submission process and the editorial standards for all those looking to contribute to Mailing Systems Technology media.

AUDIENCE & CONTENT The overwhelming majority (86%) of our subscribers are at the executive level (C-level/Owner), while the remaining are in director positions. Forty-three percent of our readership is in the printing/publishing business, while 12% are in direct mail/marketing/retail. A full list of the subscriber demographics can be accessed on our media kit. About a quarter of our subscribers send out fewer than 50,000 mail pieces per month, while slightly more than a quarter (28%) send out between 50,000 and 299,999 pieces per month. Eighteen percent send out more than 750,000 per month. Almost half (44%) of our readers’ mail is processed as First-Class Mail, with the remainder being sent as Standard/Marketing mail (36%), periodicals (10%), and parcels (10%).

EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS All Mailing Systems Technology media outlets follow a pre-determined, internal editorial calendar (though it is subject to change). However, our general industry coverage, categorized by 13 key topics, is year-round and is not limited to pre-set reporting deadlines.

We encourage all interested contributors to either submit article proposals or full articles for consideration according to our topic coverage areas:

1. United States Postal Service news and updates
2. Document production and printing
3. Document design and composition
4. Output management
5. Inserting/sorting
6. Disaster recovery
7. Quality control
8. Receiving/tracking
9. Quality control in the mail life cycle
10. Marketing and data analytics
11. Processing/automation
12. International mail delivery
13. Customer communications

All submissions will be placed under an intense review process conducted by our Editor. Subsequent publication of submissions is on a first-come, first-serve basis or as pre-determined editorial schedule allows. There is no guarantee where the piece, when approved, will be used; our Editor may move it from the print issue to the enewsletter, or vice versa, depending on our needs.

EXCLUSIVITY AND COPYRIGHT All submissions must be original and timely work, not appearing in any other books, magazines, websites or other publications within a 1-month timeframe of subsequent publication in Mailing Systems Technology media. Original articles and unpublished work will be given first consideration. The Editor will review all submissions. If your submission has been accepted for publication, you will be contacted for further instruction. Once the article has been published, the material is copyrighted by MadMen3, LLC, publisher of Mailing Systems Technology media. All rights will be reserved, and nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. Publication of your submitted work on your own blog, website, or a third party is only permissible with a direct link back to the original article on Mailing Systems Technology media.

CITATIONS & PERMISSION PROCESS All published work on Mailing Systems media must be fully attributed when cited in any third-party source. At a minimum, all citations must include name of author of original work, publisher of work (Mailing Systems Technology media) and direct URL of the work, as originally published on MailingSystemsTechnology.com. For citations appearing in formal papers, such as coursework, research papers, whitepapers, professional journals, etc., copyright permission must be granted by Mailing Systems Technology media and its publisher (MadMen3, LLC). To submit your copyright request, contact our Editor in Chief, Amanda Armendariz, directly, with original work being cited, location of formal paper (URL preferred) or sample of citation within formal paper.

All formal citations must include the below in the following order:
• Publisher: Mailing Systems Technology media
• Title of work
• By author
• Date accessed
• URL of original work on MailingSystemsTechnology.com

• Length of article should fall between 500-1,000 words (magazine) or 500-800 (web). Longer articles can be accommodated with permission from our Editor.
• All submissions should be titled (max. 50 characters) and include the writer's bio (50-80 words), contact information (i.e., Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, email, phone and website) and professional headshot (300 DPI, 200x200 pixels, JPEG)
• All submissions should be formatted using Arial font, 12 point, single spaced and include bolded key points of discussion within paragraphs and designation of subheads (please limit subhead designation to 2-3, as transitions should be primarily in paragraph form)
• All articles should be complete with a brief (30-50 words) introduction of the submission's purpose statement, followed by a thought-out argument laid out in the body of the article and finished with a conclusion with key takeaways
• All acronyms must be spelled out in its first mention
• Please provide designation of proposed quotes or information to be pulled out
• All sourced material, via websites, books, magazines, newspapers, TV broadcasts, surveys or research studies, must be attributed within the text of the article (though no formal bibliography is necessary), accompanied by hyperlink source (when applicable)
• All submissions should be fact checked by the author for accuracy of all information, including names of companies, products, and cited information, as the author will be held responsible for any errors
•All graphics, charts or head shots must be 300 dpi and should be in the JPEG or TIFF format and sent as separate attachment (please do not embed images into Word document)
• All embedded Tweets or images (Instagram, etc.) appearing in the body of the article should be sent with their accompanying code
• All submissions must uphold our editorial mission, adhere to our objective, industry-wide perspective, and avoid all promotions (blatant and subtle) of any products or services of any vendor or of oneself 

THE EDITORIAL PROCESS Mailing Systems Technology editors reserve the right to edit all submissions for word count and space allotted, readability, accuracy and adherence to our editorial mission and in-house style. When overwhelming changes are required, the editors will require a revision by the author, with a deadline predetermined by the in-house production schedule. All submissions with considerable revision will be sent to the author for final review, though the editors maintain the final revision rights. Authors’ deadlines for response will be determined by the editors, and Mailing Systems Technology reserves the right to print the submission according to our standards if no response is given within the timeframe that is allotted.

SUBMISSION All submissions should be done in electronic format, whether in full article format (Word) or an inquiry, to the Editor in Chief, Amanda Armendariz, at amanda.c@rbpub.com.