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November-December 2008

Kate's Slate
Sho Time
  • A Team Effort

    It’s time for mailers to join the creative team

    By Carrie Scherplz

  • Change Is Coming

    When postal change knocks at your door, will you be ready to answer?

    By Christopher O’Brien

  • Setting a Standard

    MPTQM certification ensures a mailer is among the best in the business

    By Harry Stephens

  • The Truth About Green

    Part I: How mailers can protect the environment — and their industry

    By Paul Robbertz

  • That’s a Wrap

    Envelopes – they’re not just containers anymore

    By Steve Watters

  • Variable Data Printing

    Commercial printing companies offer mailing services to save customers time and cost

    By Jason Lund

  • Vote By Mail

    The answer for today’s busy lifestyle?

    By Bob Wilson

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