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Pitney Bowes Offers New Tabletop, Dual-Head Tabber System for U.S. Mailers

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STAMFORD, Conn., Aug 23, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Pitney Bowes Inc.  today announced it is offering a new tabletop, dual-head tabber system for U.S. mailers. The Pitney Bowes W360 Multifunction Tabber System provides several tabbing applications and stamp affixing in one solution to help mailers meet the latest United States Postal Service (USPS) tabbing regulations and efficiently prepare letter-size self-mailers and booklets for delivery.

The USPS requires that letter-size self-mailers and booklets -- mail not placed in an envelope -- arrive at the Post Office properly sealed and tabbed to allow for smooth processing in sorting equipment. Mailers who take advantage of this can work towards qualifying for automation discounts. Self-mailers and booklets that do not comply with USPS standards for tabbing and sealing will be considered nonmachinable and assessed at higher postage prices. Read more here!
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