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Satori Software, Inc.
1301 5th Ave, Suite 2200
Seattle, Washington 98101
(see map)

Phone: 800-533-6477
Fax: 206-357-2901
Website: http://www.satorisoftware.com

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Software for Postal Automation

Bulk Mailer: Powerfully advanced mailing software 


Prepare mailings faster and more easily with the #1 selling desktop mailing  preparation software, Bulk Mailer. A full-featured, powerfully advanced system,  Bulk Mailer will make your mailing operation much more productive.  


Wizard-based processes and reusable templates make volume mail jobs easy and  practically error-free. CASS  and PAVE certified Bulk Mailer features include real-time  change-of-address processing with 48-month NCOALink data,  duplication elimination, DPV, postal presorts and reports, Intelligent  Mail barcode support and more.


Superior productivity features include file management, data exchange, and an  unmatched label and envelope designer. Timesaving tools include an  easy-to-use graphical interface, reusable templates and Job Builder, which  automates repetitive tasks. Contact Satori Software today for your free,  full-featured trial of Bulk Mailer. Call 800-553-6477, option 2 or visit http://www.satorisoftware.com/Products/bulkmailer/
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