The USPS filed the necessary paperwork with the Postal Regulatory Commission in order to facilitate their 2012 Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion this summer.

Following up on the heels of the successful 2011 Mobile Barcode Promotion, the USPS intentions here are to create awareness of more innovative uses of mobile barcodes, while encouraging mailers to adopt "best practices" associated with the use of this mobile technology, highlighting the value of multi-channel communications.

Yes, there will be an up-front postage discount of 2% - however, there are more stringent requirements that must be met by mailers wishing to participate. The keywords are "commerce" and "personalization". In order to obtain the discount, qualifying Standard and First-Class mail that carries the mobile barcode (QR Code, Microsoft Tag, etc) must lead whomever scans it to either a mobile-enhanced website where a PURCHASE can be made, or to a personalized mobile-enhanced website that leads to a unique page directed to the specific recipient. Other requirements include electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes, and some samples.

For more information and details, the USPS has set up a webpage portal here:

Use the money saved by the discount to invest in this technology, and you may see many side benefits such as improved customer service, and increased sales. Be sure to look past the discount, and try something new!