It can be very complicated to purchase mailing equipment and postage because there are so many different charges and often time avoidable fees can arise. This gets multiplied if you are responsible for multiple locations. I have helped accounts paying tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable fees because they did not understand how they were being billed. In this article we will give you the tools to understand your mailing bills to make sure you are only paying for the services required.

Here are some examples of fees that you may be paying unknowingly. This is not the vendors trying to trick you, since these terms are spelled out in their standard terms and conditions. The issue is who really reads through those terms carefully. Also, there is typically a disconnect between the person who signs the agreement and the department that pays the bills. The good news is that these fees are avoidable! Our goal is to provide a better understanding of your accounts, to make them easy to pay before fees crop up. Download the PDF to see the full piece, complete with charts!