April 19 2024
At recent meetings of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), there has been discussion of the Global Postal Network. What this means at the UPU may not be the same as it might seem to a group of internatio
April 17 2024
The recently unveiled 2024 growth incentives from the United States Postal Service (USPS) present an opportunity for marketers to reevaluate and optimize their 2024 mailing plans. With the pot... View More
April 15 2024
As of this publishing, after 44 years in the print and mail Industry, with the last 15 at BCC Software, I will have retired. Consider this article as my swan song! Since 1979, I’ve had the... View More
April 9 2024
Dirty data makes it hard to serve clients and grow business. This challenge applies to any industry aspiring to build loyal customers with great service and smart products. Insurance agents op... View More
April 5 2024
Recognized leadership experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner assert, “Credibility is the foundation of leadership” in their bestselling book The Leadership Challenge. Respected religious... View More
April 2 2024
Even though the document industry does much to reduce its impact on the environment, lots of people look upon what we produce as an environmental problem. We recycle paper more than any other... View More
March 29 2024
Direct mail has certain advantages over digital channels because it is a physical medium. For example, studies have shown that the human brain processes and remembers marketing messages better... View More
March 27 2024
In past articles on requests for proposals (RFPs), we’ve discussed the team, the process, and the reasons why RFPs work. It’s just as important to consider what is included in the actual... View More
March 25 2024
It's easy for businesspeople outside the print and mail industry to believe the days of postal mail are numbered. Email, social media, texting, and instant messaging apps have largely replace... View More
March 21 2024
Despite the relentless hype from the Postal Service about the virtues of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan, it’s beginning to look like The Plan may not be performing as advert
March 13 2024
So, how was I going to explain the ostrich skin boots to my wife? I was just waiting for a check… the boots just kind of happened. Well, they really didn’t just “happen.” Those... View More
March 11 2024
With the rise in omnichannel capabilities, coupled with the pressure every business is experiencing to significantly reduce costs, the complexities of managing documents as a third-party servi... View More
March 5 2024
In the past, on-premise software handled the task of processing large amounts of documents; but times have changed. Many document centers are reassessing their procedures, making a transition... View More
March 1 2024
Today’s production inkjet technology excels in every way when it comes to the world of print and mail. The newest available devices deliver stunning print quality at breakneck speeds, while... View More
Feb. 23 2024
A controversy between the member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland raises questions about whether a country can impose controls... View More
Feb. 15 2024
In our November/December, 2023 issue, we covered part two of our wage & operations survey, in which we ask our readers for their input on USPS service performance, mail volumes, and other industry... View More
Feb. 13 2024
In our September/October, 2023 issue, we covered our annual survey, in which we ask our readers about their mail operations' staff sizes, wages, etc. This is an important industry benchmark, so feel... View More
Feb. 8 2024
Significant progress under the Delivering for America plan resulted in reduced transportation expenses and 8 million less work hours Operating revenue growth to $21.6 billion... View More
Feb. 7 2024
Documents you produce as an internal or external print/mail service provider should impact the recipient. Otherwise, there's no reason to send them (besides conforming to regulations). Docume... View More
Feb. 5 2024
WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Postal Service reported new delivery performance metrics for the fourth week of the second quarter for fiscal year 2024. The average time for the Postal Se... View More