Feb. 20 2023
WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service reported new delivery performance metrics for the sixth week of the second quarter for fiscal year 2023 showing consistent delivery perf... View More
Feb. 15 2023
WASHINGTON — In recent years, a surge in the use of counterfeit postage has been found in the mail stream. The intentional use, or sale, of counterfeit postage is a crime because it seeks to obtain
Feb. 3 2023
CINCINNATI, OHIO – Kao Collins Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet inks, identified three regulatory trends in 2023 likely to impact the food, fashion, and pharmaceutical... View More
Feb. 3 2023
If your organization is creating and distributing paper and electronic bills for your clients, who's handling the payments? Does it make sense to offer payment processing to your cl... View More
Jan. 27 2023
There is no question that customer relationships and successful business operations rely on great address data. But understanding the need for clean data and keeping it clean are two entirely differen
Jan. 23 2023
WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service reported new delivery performance metrics for the second week of the second quarter for fiscal year 2023. The data shows high performance across First-C
Jan. 20 2023
With all the data being generated today as new and updated technology systems are implemented, the United States Postal Service could be on the cutting edge when it comes to visibility into it... View More
Jan. 16 2023
I want to start out by extending a huge “thank you” to everyone who completed this survey. We know it’s a lot of data that you may need to look up and crosscheck, and we sincerely appreciate... View More
Jan. 11 2023
If recent history teaches us anything, it’s that ethics and character count, both in corporate and non-profit organizations. I have suffered from the poor character of others; what a... View More
Jan. 9 2023
WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service reported new delivery performance metrics for the 12th week of the first quarter for fiscal year 2023. The average time to deliver a mai... View More
Jan. 2 2023
Postal Service anticipates increasing the quantity of purpose-built Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV) to a minimum of 60,000 of which at least 45,000 will be battery electric by 202... View More
Dec. 26 2022
Modern high-volume production printers are more than just output devices. They are sophisticated network and computing platforms that can become an open door to hackers and malicious software... View More
Dec. 20 2022
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mail service provider (MSP), commingler, or you handle your own mail. Anyone who submits Mail.dats to PostalOne! — whether they’re a mailer... View More
Dec. 16 2022
You might call it a disaster recovery (DR) plan, redundant operations, or business continuity strategy, but your mail center should have something in place that allows you to continue processi... View More
Dec. 12 2022
Modern consumers are complex creatures, and marketers have their work cut out for them if they want to reach new customers. More than ever before, today’s brand owners must carefully tailor their... View More
Dec. 9 2022
MRS, a subsidiary of Telephone Electronics Corporation (TEC), started in 1999 as an internal department focused on printing and mailing telephone bills for TEC. Since transactional print and mail equi
Dec. 7 2022
It’s likely that most individuals, given the right to do so, not only could provide a self-evaluation but would do so in a way that emphasizes positive points and minimizes any that are le... View More
Dec. 5 2022
Back when I was in the print/mail service bureau business, we won contracts to process a company's transactional documents by doing it cheaper than their current provider. Investments we’d... View More
Dec. 5 2022
The beginning of this summer marked the completion of the first in-person National Postal Forum (NPF) since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This is a signal to the industry that represents... View More
Dec. 2 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic shut down businesses, disrupted lives, and resulted in millions of untimely deaths. Its impact to our supply chain and economy will continue to be felt for a long time, a... View More