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Providing Business Engineering and automated solutions exclusively to the Print-to-Mail In-dustry since 1999, AutoViri™ now allows CapStone Technologies to be your expert partner for both USPS Mailer Scorecard compliance and operational excellence to suit your print/mail operations.

CapStone’s innovative, patented AutoViri™ suite of robotic and software solutions is the missing link connecting your Physical and Digital workflows. AutoViri provides production visibility by capturing far better information in real-time directly from anywhere on your production floor...and AutoViri prevents and/or detects seventeen (17) USPS Mailer Scorecard errors in real-time, before mail ships. Compliance doesn’t have to be complex and costly.

By scanning physical trays and pallets on the production floor, AutoViri™ generates Mail.dat/.XML messaging to ensure you update eDoc files to precisely match the actual physical mail being shipped. Concurrently, AutoViri™ is a production/QC visibility tool that facilitates better production decisions to reduce costs and generates a proven audit trail. Whether your facility is totally automated, completely manual or somewhere in-between, CapStone has the right-sized solution for mailers of all sizes and mail volume.

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