When your business needs critical information delivered with speed and accountability, ConfirmDelivery simplifies the Certified Mail process with a fast and cost effective solution. With our web based program, you can process mail pieces one at a time or in a batch of thousands. Eliminate the 7-10 day wait for the green card and save on postage! Clients simply create an address sheet, insert into our provided envelopes, and drop in the mail. Our software is easy to implement and highly flexible. Connect your database to the USPS tracking and address verification system for easy access to address sheets and labels.

ConfirmDelivery prides itself on keeping things simple. Once your account is set up, you can create and track mail pieces while reporting critical mail pieces, all online. Multiple users can complete mailings on the system at the same time and our reporting features display the activities of each user and department, allowing customers to create an accurate budget for expenditures. Additionally, there are no monthly fees or contracts.

ConfirmDelivery sets itself apart by providing patented technology for tracking each mail piece. Track directly online via ConfirmDelivery software or from your personal database. We also work closely with the post office in helping our clients find lost mail pieces and obtain the delivery information, which is crucial with Certified Mailings. Sort tracking data by recipient, company, location, customer reference number or USPS tracking number. Manage recipient signatures via query or have them automatically emailed for easy print out or electronic storage.

For over 15 years ConfirmDelivery has been helping city and county governments, law firms, banks, and hospitals with their accountable mail. We’ve grown from working with a few Midwestern counties to a vast nationwide customer base from our Indiana office. ConfirmDelivery has an experienced, talented in-house team to support you. Contact them today to schedule a personal webinar and find out just how simple it is!

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