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“Turning Postal Mail into Digital Mail”

You receive thousands of letters every day for your employees, students, teachers and tenants. Each letter may contain PII information so you can’t just open and scan it for them like traditional scanning operations. Your only recourse is to sort the mail, load it onto carts, maybe trucks, and distribute it to every building, residence and cubby hole. This costs time and money. Plus you never really know what mail items have entered your enterprise.

Talking about time and money, it gets even worse when you consider that 40% of the mail you deliver is junk mail. And of the remaining 60%, lots of it gets rerouted to people other than the recipient on the envelope. Roles change, people leave, and internal workflow rules known by the end-users are not known by the mail center staff when they make their deliveries.

Our Digital Mail Distribution System automates the entire cycle of USPS receipt, junk mail detection, distribution, workflow and destruction. Partnering with vendors like Amazon, Opex and Panasonic, we convert unopened USPS mail to images, send secure email notifications and let the recipients decide for themselves just how they want to receive the contents. Maybe they want it scanned, delivered or they’ll pick it up themselves. They make the decisions and now the mail center staff only spends time on work that has been explicitly requested.

Mail is now tracked, audited and managed by the Image Architects Digital Mail Distribution System. You’ll know who is sending your company mail, who it’s going to and what the response to that mail is. Using our built-in workflow engine, you’ll be able to automatically re-route mail written to one person and send notifications to another. You’ll even be able to send mail in parallel to individuals and compliance departments. Thus the mail gets to the “correct” person the very first time. All this while maintaining complete audit trains and chain-of-custody monitoring.

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