Kern International

Through the years, the mailing fulfillment world has expanded its grasps to take on the everchanging landscape of the market. Despite what adaptations are called for, Kern has grown and prospered with each ebb and flow of the industry, adding on new product lines and expanding on existing ones.

Still in 2018, Kern’s flagship line of business is the inserting machines. From the top end, high-speed K3600 machine, with speeds of up to 27,000 envelopes per hour, to the K1600’s multi-format quick changeover design, the same Swiss quality build is used to keep these systems humming at top performance for many years. With more options available, and even a new inserting product in the works, Kern has the inserting solution to help any mailroom reach its full potential.

Along with the inserting business, Kern’s fastest growing line of business is the card solutions offered. Most recently, the K90HS has been a hot new item as a high speed intelligent card affixing system that combines multiple processes into one secure process: match, affix and insert. This machine works effectively with the Card Sorter used on the pre-loading side to sort cards to their proper location robotically. The option for packaging with the K90 GFT allows for Kern to be the solution provider for any card needs presented to them.

The expansion in Kern’s software has grown significantly with the Kern Mail Factory line, specifically the FloorMonitor. Now, it is easier for customers to view the productivity of the machines and the teams running each machine, as well as throughput reports and more. Kern software doesn’t stop there, Kern EDGE’s document workflow management platforms have helped multiple industries needing department level applications, to full enterprise workflows.

Most recently, Kern has expanded into the cardboard packaging solutions creating custom shipping packages from corrugated cardboard in an automatic, dispatch-ready packaging solution with the Kern Pack on Time. Kern also is a solution provider to the rapidly expanding parcel locker market. The Kern Smart Terminals are automated parcel lockers for simple, flexible delivery and pickup of packages with three variants (refrigerated, freezer, and dry lockers).

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