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$20 billion dollars a year is wasted on returned mail, according to the USPS® – a number that will only increase as postage rates and penalties for returned mail continue to rise. Staying on top of address changes with address hygiene solutions is the only way to avoid costly fees associated with undeliverable mail caused by Change-of Address (COA) errors.

Melissa Direct, a division of Melissa, can help mailers solve that problem and stay up-to-date with international and domestic address changes in a number of ways. For 30 plus years, Melissa has helped more than 10,000 companies worldwide to stay in touch with customers and prospects, improve deliverability, cut costs and improve ROI with address and other contact data quality solutions.

NCOALink® National Change of Address Processing
Melissa, a full service license provider of NCOALink®, will match your list against the full USPS® NCOALink dataset of 160 million moves filed over the last 48 months. The company also offers 24-month processing. Plus, with NCOALink, you’ll meet the USPS Move Update requirement to qualify for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® discounts.

Beyond NCOALink®
Melissa helps you identify the 40% of movers that do not file a change-of-address notice with the USPS by leveraging mCOA (60 months of 121 million records, multi-sourced) and pCOA (30 years of proprietary information) databases. These databases contain address changes from catalogs, magazines, credit card companies, banks and more.

Canada Post® NCOA Service
As one of only a hand full of Canada Post® licensees, Melissa will update your file based on a 72-month database of 10 million move records. In addition, Melissa can help you qualify for Canada Post’s Incentive LettermailTM, Addressed AdmailTM and Publication MailTM rates by simultaneously performing Canadian Address Hygiene.

Go International
International COA extends the same benefits of deliverability, cost savings and ROI around the world with NCOA services for many countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Solutions for Everyone
Melissa’s address hygiene solutions are available in Web API, Automated FTP (fast, convenient and secure processing 24/7/365) and MAILERS Online (an end-to-end mailing solution in the Cloud that prepares and presorts USPS compliant direct mail for maximum postage discounts).

Let Melissa help you with all your mailing needs!

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