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Buskro, Ltd.

Founded in 1976, Buskro has evolved into an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality inkjet printing, tabbing/labeling and card processing equipment to meet a broad range of customer needs.

Innovation is key in everything we produce. Our approach of using the latest technology, along with an open architecture, allows our products to meet your current needs and adapt with your future business requirements.

From our earliest days as a manufacturer of mailing equipment, Buskro has been the innovator. We pioneered a Windows-based controller for DOD inkjet in 1990, and we haven’t stopped there. Compose IQ software is the result of years of continuous refinement and its ability to manage data and synchronize print across multiple print heads and zones is unsurpassed in the industry.

Buskro equipment features heavy duty construction from top to bottom, plus design details that promote years of trouble free operation. Buskro engineers pay careful attention to the interaction between system elements in order to assure consistent and outstanding print results. Our commitment to innovation has produced solutions that have not only set the standard, but raised the bar for over 40 years.

Working with Buskro’s global network of distribution partners, we take pride in providing quality service and support for all of our products, including our legacy technologies.

When you consider your needs- the ones you face today and unknown challenges of tomorrow, and then compare Buskro’s total value proposition of price, flexibility, quality and durability… Buskro truly is hard to beat.

Because Buskro’s products are based on a modular and flexible design, they can be upgraded as your requirements change, protecting your investment. That’s why we say Buskro equipment is… Built for Today, Designed for Tomorrow

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