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EAM-Mosca Corporation

EAM-Mosca Corporation is an industry-leading strapping systems manufacturer and distributor that has built an impressive product and market base since its beginning in the mailing and graphic arts markets in 1982. The company’s product range spans solutions from operator-cycled, walk-up banders to fully automatic in-line systems that strap bundles, trays and totes at high speeds with minimal operator intervention.

Performance and Productivity Oriented
EAM-Mosca has placed over 25,000 machines in the Americas. EAM’s German parent company Mosca GmbH has been providing strapping solutions since 1966. The company’s objective is to build reliable, innovative strapping systems that perform reliably for millions of cycles over many years. EAM-Mosca also supplies strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance; and technical support programs to help customers meet performance and productivity goals.

Significant Cost Savings Possible
The high reliability of Mosca strapping systems - and secure strap seals whether the traditional thermostatically controlled heat-seal or the innovative Sonixs ultrasonic seal means reduced downtime and more secure mail. And less time on maintenance and re-work that cuts into profits and customer service. Flats, Tray & Tub Processing Low volume operation? Try the Fusion walk-up model for securing bundles, flats, trays and tubs at up to 50/cycles/minute. The Fusion features many of the same components and features of Mosca’s high end systems at an entry-level price point. The heavier duty ROMP-6 Evolution operator cycled, walk-up strapper for larger mailers; and its inline, automated belt or roller-conveyor top models for high-speed automated operations. The Evolution design includes a compact cabinet, side or front coil loading for convenient changeover, push-button strap threading, and a fully enclosed strap feed track for exceptionally reliable feeding.

The USP-2 Traymaster is an ideal solution for multi-line tray processing applications. Designed specifically for strapping all standard corrugated and plastic full and half-trays destined for the USPS, the USP-2 automatically straps sleeved mail trays lengthwise, in conveyor direction with 5mm strap, eliminating any need for tray turning. TR-6 models with sophisticated control options feature the innovative Standard-6 precision Strap Path and direct drive sealer with sealed bearing construction. The control program can be tailored to meet individual needs and accessories are available to make it the best solution for high-volume, performance intensive applications. Consistent with Industry 4.0 technology, the

TR-6 Series are capable of receiving instructions, being monitored and even serviced remotely via network.

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