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GrayHair Software

GrayHair is the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers in the country. Our postal solutions let you delve deeper into, and gain a better understanding of, your postal data. GrayHair offers a comprehensive address database that aggregates data from the USPS and our own proprietary data which is compiled from these mailers.

With GrayHair, you get the guidance and confidence of 200+ years of collective postal experience. You also gain an ally with an understanding of the industry’s nuances and who works with your vendors to ensure unified best practices. GrayHair is the advantage for agencies, mail service providers, and mailers in the finance, insurance, retail, non-profit, and utilities industries.

GrayHair’s solutions deliver insights and decision-ready business intelligence that define your mailing practices, increase customer engagement, and enhance your outreach programs with increased response rate and decreased cost-per-acquisition. Our solutions can also help you save millions on your postal budget.

GrayHair gives you access to a customizable set of mission-critical services:
--IMb™ Assignment and Management that lets you generate Intelligent Mail® barcodes and keep them unique beyond the standard.
--Mail Tracking that gives you the power to track every mailpiece to its final destination and provides you valuable information about your outbound and inbound mail.
--Data Visualization that lets you access fast and powerful business intelligence through interactive dashboards.
--Enterprise Address Hygiene that empowers you to cut your mailing costs. Our standard and propriety solutions improve the quality of your addresses, stop bad addresses from going to print, and keep you compliant with the USPS®.
--Proprietary Address Hygiene that enables you to update addresses, identify known bad addresses, and universally apply business rules to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices.
--Address Validation that ensures your communications with customers are accurate and compliant for future use.
--Move Update compliance that protects you from USPS assessments.

In addition, you get leading security, regulatory, and compliance protection including SOC 2, HITRUST, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

GrayHair gives you all this plus the support of a dedicated, knowledgeable client services team that delivers incomparable customer assistance that is always there when you need it.

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