The TR Rollaway from Rollem interfaces with folders, ink jet units, gluing, wrapping machines and UV coating units. This modular rotary system performs highly accurate, two-directional edge-trimming, slitting of multiple images, perforating and scoring. Streamline finishing by running the unit in-line with other finishing processes to perform high-quality, high-volume finishing while eliminating additional labor and increasing your productivity.

Rollem streamlines finishing on:

·         Direct Mailers Delivered to Bins in Zip Code order

·         Postcards and Photo Cards in multiple-up formats

·         VDP Products and Business Cards; T and L-Perforated Reply Cards and Coupons

The only system of its kind with the ability to:

·         Maintain the integrity of the mail with ZIP code order from Feeding to Finishing to mail delivery trays.

·         Operate in-line with Digital Press, Coaters, and Post Press finishing units.

This system is the only one of its kind with the ability to "maintain the integrity of the mail" with ZIP Code order maintained from Feeding to Finishing to mail delivery trays all with no interruption in the mail sortation. Add the ability to insert T or L Perforations in-line, in multiple locations on the sheet to create business reply cards or coupons, virtually anywhere on the sheet. The multi-functionality, mail integrity and modular interfacing define Rollem as the best choice for high-quality VDP finishing.

Rollem's newest technology allows two directional slitting utilizing bleed cuts in both directions. Rollem's method requires less labor, a less qualified operator and results in higher production. Once the job is set, operators simply have to load paper. The end result: all types of products including postcard sheets, direct mail pieces, brochures and flyers will have the most accurate slitting and trimming resulting in less waste and improved production.

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