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July 6 2010 09:18 AM

It seems that life is in a constant state of change. In the mailing industry it is a given, such as postal regulations, customer request or deadline changes, software upgrades - and glitches, and machine setups or breakdowns. Life issues as well as co-workers and personnel changes are a source of anxiety as well.

Adaptability; it's the best way to deal with the changes that will inevitably come our way. I always try to remember the boss's motto was, Something can always be done.' Figure out what can be done and do it. That something' may not be exactly what you planned. It may not even be ideal but something can always be doneand it could even turn out to be better that the plan. Challenges inspire creative problem solving.

A key element for adapting to change is to develop a positive attitude. Negativity obstructs creativity in problem solving as well as production. When time is spent on complaining about a problem rather than thinking of ways to solve it, it is time wasted. Allow yourself your You've got to be kidding me!' moment and then move on. Make your plan and move forward with it. It may involve trying a different program or upgrading what you have, making changes to your schedule, or finding that one adjustment that you haven't tried on the machine yet. It may also help to walk a mile' in your customer's, co-worker's or even boss's shoes. Looking at an issue from their perspective may spark your problem solving creativity. If your customer isn't that computer savvy and you're having trouble with their file, ask if they could save it in another format. If they don't know what you mean (yes, it happens), offer to walk them through the process.

Changing jobs after18 years was a huge change for me - one that has been wonderful. But learning new software and procedures brought significant challenges. The first week was crazy. Since changing jobs in March there have been many other changes as well. To maintain sanity I had to be positive and learn to adapt.

Some people resist change and, dare I say, even hate it. Others welcome only productive change that helps them reach their goals. Then there are others who realize and accept that change is an inevitable part of life. How we handle trials on the job - as well as in life, has a great influence on those around us. Life isn't perfect. Jobs are more often than not, have some type of issue. Learning to deal with the bumps in the road' effectively and graciously will promote a can do' spirit in the workplace.