April 1 2009 10:58 AM

 DAT-MAIL MSP Mail.dat Mailing Software
Pitney Bowes Business Insight has selected Window Book, Inc's DAT-MAIL MSP Mail.dat mailing software to complete its Intelligent Mail solutions set. By combining MailStream Plus MAIL360 and DAT-MAIL, mailers will have a complete, integrated, state of the art, presort, post-presort and fully compliant Intelligent Mail Full Service solution. MailStream Plus provides presort functionality and DAT-MAIL facilitates post-presort mailing management solutions including transmitting electronic postage statements via PostalOne!, generating USPS certified Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) tray/sack tags and pallet placards, creating and managing USPS FAST appointments, and creating mailing production and postage accounting reports. Integrated with MAIL360, PBBI's Intelligent Mail barcode solution, mailers now have an Intelligent Mail Full Service solution that is comprehensive yet cost effective.

DAT-MAIL enables complete postal data management as well as the ability to make last minute changes to mailing data without having to rerun your presort or pay for spoilage. Provides clients with a PDF or hard copy postage statement displaying an Electronic Round Stamp, detailing the PostalOne! assigned Mailing Group ID# and PS# that corresponds to their final verified mailing. Clients can find corresponding mailing instantly, once logged into PostalOne! www.windowbook.com

Labeling Systems Model e300
The Labeling Systems Model e300 is a full featured label applicator with variable speed stepper motor that achieves speeds up to 1,000" of label web per minute. The Model e300, available in tamp, tamp/blow or synchronous configurations, is ideal for the application of an assortment of sizes and shapes of pressure sensitive labels. Top, bottom and side applications are easily accomplished with the unique angled U-arm cradle mount for easy positioning of the applicator head to the product.
While economical, the e300 is a rugged industrial-duty applicator featuring PLC controls with touchscreen HMI. The brightly lit touch-screen display offers complete easy user interface. A change in background color from green to orange to red gives quick, highly visible applicator status.

The anodized aluminum construction provides protection from corrosive environments. With the ambidextrous left-hand and right-hand design, added flexibility is obtained and allows for changeover in the field. The simplistic, modular design results in minimal downtime, easy fault diagnosis as well as minimal parts inventory. www.labelingsystems.com