Every year, we like to take a look at what articles most grabbed our readers’ attention on our website. It’s always interesting to see what topics change in popularity over the years, and which stay the same. Here are our five most popular articles from 2021. Please note that we only count the articles that were actually published in 2021, although it’s interesting to note that several of our older articles continue to engage our readers, as well. Enjoy!

#5. The USPS 10-Year Plan: Analyzing the Details

By Leo Raymond

The USPS 10-year plan for financial stability has been a major talking point ever since it was announced, and this analysis concisely breaks down exactly what is entailed in the plan and what mailers can expect.

#4. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mail Volumes

By Chris Lien

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our world — both professional and personal — upside down in 2020, so it’s no wonder that this piece looking at the impact on mail volumes captured our readers’ attention.

#3. Informed Delivery: The Numbers Tell the Story

By Leo Raymond

Mailers are often encouraged to incorporate Informed Delivery campaigns into their customer communication strategies, so this article detailing usage and other statistics was incredibly helpful.

#2. USPS Slowdown Demands Greater Visibility to Manage Delivery Uncertainty

By Josh McCaully

Understanding your data is key, which means visibility into your data is crucial especially as the industry was facing major delays.

#1. The January 24, 2021 USPS Rate Increase: See How It Will Impact Your Budget

By Adam Lewenberg

It’s not really a surprise that our most popular article in 2021 was detailing the impact of the rate increases. After all, that’s something that affects everyone in our industry! This is a great analysis that our readers clearly found very helpful all throughout last year.