Stuart, Florida - May 22, 2024- GrayHair Software, a dynamic data and software as a service company and leading consumer and provider of postal data, has obtained its 48-Month NCOALink Full Service Provider License. GrayHair Software is now one of a small number of companies in the United States to secure this license, solidifying its status as the industry leader in Address Data Quality services.

With the approval to license this product, GrayHair offers its clients reduced undeliverable mail, lower mailing costs, and minimized waste, making mailing processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it ensures accurate and timely mail delivery, which is crucial for important documents, packages, and marketing materials.

Everette Mills, Director of Technical Product Management at GrayHair says, “I’m thrilled to announce a significant investment here at Gray Hair Software. We’re introducing 48-Month National Change of Address data natively to our platform. This will provide our customers with several key benefits, including:

Increased processing speed and consistency by bringing it in-house.

Improved ability to stay in touch with hard-to-reach customers, especially those who have transitioned to digital-first communication channels.

Enhanced efficiency in pinpointing customers for critical deliveries, such as credit card plastics or other high-value mail pieces, even for those who don’t typically receive a monthly mail piece or newly acquired lists.

By upgrading from 18-Month Limited Service provider to 48-Month Full Service provider we’re empowering our customers with a powerful resource to prevent fraud and ensure effective customer communication.”

By investing in this 48-Month NCOALink License, GrayHair Software not only enhances its address data quality service offerings but also reinforces its reputation as a leader in the postal data industry. This milestone will deliver significant benefits to its clients, contributing to more efficient, cost-effective, and secure mailing processes.

GrayHair is a non-exclusive Full Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service®

The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: NCOALink®

About GrayHair Software

GrayHair Software is a dynamic data and software as a service company with over 20 years experience providing analytics and insights. We excel in solving data-related challenges, offering comprehensive solutions for many Fortune 100 companies. As the leading consumer and provider of postal data, we manage over 150 billion data points and track over 25% of all U.S. Postal® mailpieces annually. Renowned for delivering exceptional client service, we unlock the hidden value of customer data, enhancing essential business processes, including marketing performance, fraud prevention, customer experience, and mailing operations. We empower decision-makers by turning data into Business-Ready Intelligence, enabling organizations to succeed through the strategic management and optimization of their complex data. For more information visit or contact GrayHair at 866.507.9999 or