Adam Lewenberg

CMDSS, President of Postal Advocate Inc
Sept. 1 2016
As recently as 20 years ago, mailing systems were standalone devices that only plugged into a power outlet. When the meter needed to be filled, it was taken to the Post Office, where they added
April 23 2016
We manage some of the largest mailing equipment fleets in the world and find the same issues happening in every organization that leads to overspending, fees and lost postage. It does not matter
March 29 2016
For the past 18 years, I have been creating comparison charts for my clients that go over the changes in postage rates to show how it will affect their budgets. The reason that I do this is that when
Jan. 8 2016
Managing shipping is not easy. You have so many carriers, classes, surcharges, paperwork and requirements that it can get overwhelming. Every year you are getting 3-10% increases, and with
June 1 2015
By Adam Lewenberg
Sept. 26 2014
By Adam Lewenberg
March 23 2014
Could your mail center have lost money in dormant prefunded permit accounts, and not even know it? By Adam Lewenberg