Harry Stephens

President , CEO of DATAMATX
Sept. 11 2018
One of my favorite sayings is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is never more true than when it comes to protecting a company’s data. Even a simple mistake like using the...
Sept. 21 2017
A fork in the road is often defined as a metaphor for a deciding moment in life or history when it’s required to make a major choice — any of which will have distinct consequences. In busine
April 7 2017
There is a great deal written today about the importance of every communication you send to customers. These communications are now considered to be at the heart of your company's image and hav
April 17 2016
This past September, I was at a meeting with the National Postal Policy Council (NPPC) where I serve on the board. Delivering value was the main topic of discussion at this NPPC meeting. James (
June 22 2014
By Harry Stephens
April 28 2014
By Harry Stephens
Aug. 23 2013
By Harry Stephens, President and CEO, DATAMATX
March 28 2012
By Harry Stephens, President and CEO of DATAMATX
Feb. 13 2012
By Harry Stephens, President/CEO, DATAMATX
June 9 2011
Businesses are changing the way they communicate - but that doesn't mean mail is dead. By Harry Stephens
Dec. 6 2010
By Harry Stephens, President and CEO, DATAMATX
June 29 2009
By Harry Stephens, President and CEO of DATAMATX
Nov. 12 2008
MPTQM certification ensures a mailer is among the best in the business By Harry Stephens
Aug. 6 2008
BCC Software, a BÖWE BELL + HOWELL company and the leading developer of high-performance solutions for professional mailers, has announced a new option that dramatically increases the value of NCOALink®...