Success seems to be today's catch-phrase; it's everywhere. Diet pills, exercise equipment, home-based businesses promising a six-figure income with only 10 hours of work... You can't really avoid the concept.

But it's not just a word used by savvy marketers hoping to sway consumers over to their product--success in our industry is real and measureable... and much of it is related to the efficiency of your mail center. We hope that by reading this issue of Mailing Systems Technology, you'll have a much better grasp on just how to succeed as a mailer, especially when it comes to researching and deciding on those purchases that could make or break your mail center's efficiency. The thing about big purchases like these is that they usually only happen once every few years, which means that the tips and tricks for an effective RFP process may not be at the forefront of most mailers' minds. Luckily, in this issue, we cover anything and everything related to purchasing, from how to engage in the most effective RFP process to avoiding the pitfalls that lurk in the purchasing process.

So whether new software or mailing equipment is on your list of things to purchase in 2014,or purchasing is something that won't be on your to-do list for a couple of years, be sure to check out these features in this issue; taking away just one of these tips will help you push your mail center to the forefront of efficiency. And don't miss our special feature on page 18, in which Adam Lewenberg examines the possibility that you could be losing funds from dormant prepaid permit funds; after all, who doesn't love found money?

As always, thanks for reading Mailing Systems Technology.