By Amanda Armendariz Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that the headlines, while not the most optimistic they could be, are more positive
    than in years past. The major component in these stories is that the economy seems to be bouncing back after the hard times we weathered a few years earlier. So I was interested in seeing if that trend held in our 2012 wage & operations survey. I must say that, for the most part, it has. There are definitely some positives: there were fewer mail center managers in the bottom wage level than last year, and wages for certain job positions (such as addressing machine operators) increased slightly. There were also slightly fewer layoffs among mail center managers than in previous years, as well. But, like with anything, there were some downsides as well. Mail volumes continue to decrease, which means that almost half of our respondents feel they will have to decrease their staff size in 2013 for this reason. Wages also decreased for certain job positions (like inserter operators), even though many non-managerial staff also have to take on additional responsibilities. All in all, it's not the worst look at the mailing industry we've ever seen, although of course the decreasing mail volumes is always a concern,
    especially since that directly impacts many jobs.

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