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Almost 20% of First Class Mail can be successfully converted to Standard Mail. 16.8% of FCM consists of advertising (only) and another 2.4% is invitations and announcements*.

Standard Mail is great for these types of communications and can perform as well as First Class when just a few things are done right:
--Eliminate the "flags" that can trigger the "Junk Mail" response.
--Use package marks rather than the ugly optional endorsement line, put the IMB in the clear zone or if in the address block create some space - you are allowed up to 5/8" from the bottom.
--If using pre-canceled stamps, use the Mailer Postmark to give it that real mail look. Remember you have to apply for permission to do this, but it's easy to do.

Most important - give them a reason to open it!

*Source: Cap Ventures and USPS