Gordon Glazer

President - Mail Consulting Division, Shipware LLC.
April 24 2023
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare's words from his iconic play Romeo and Juliet could sum up the proposed name change for the USPS’s Ground Services, i
Nov. 29 2020
USPS announced a general rate increase for shipping services to go into effect January 24, 2021. This year’s changes are announced while seasonal peak volumes are already breaking records
June 30 2020
There are two major changes occurring July 1 that will have severe implications for some while providing others with great opportunities to grow their businesses. First, let’s take a look at
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May 24 2018
Congratulations! You have recently been tasked with mailing operations. Now what? Relax and take a deep breath; you’ve got this! Let’s start by focusing on ways to drive savings and, in some...
Aug. 30 2013
By Gordon Glazer, President - Mail Consulting Division, Shipware LLC.
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Aug. 4 2013
By Gordon Glazer
May 2 2013
By Gordon Glazer, President, Shipware Mail Consulting Services