gordon glazer

The best way to learn how to do this is to study the mail you receive. "Learn from your mail box." To do this right you first must put yourself in an average recipient's shoes; remember, you are a mail professional and look at things differently. Initial assessment should be: is it worth opening?

Take all the time you need - 2 to 3 seconds, times up! That's what called the "Mail Moment" and is the mail piece's chance to deliver its message.

What did they do well? What could be improved? What was the motivation to open it? Was it worth the potential paper cut to slide your finger into that seam? Did they use variable data? Variable Data in the offer line can increase open rates by 500%. Did they use Color? Color can increase open rates 125%. Was the offer targeted?

There are processing clues that can be fun to determine. How did they evidence postage? How was it addressed? Were the enclosures "married" to the outside? What discount was achieved? How did they sort it: OEL or hidden package marks? How was the mailing physically automated - quality of materials, clearances, page accumulation quality, etc.

Have fun with it, take interesting samples into work to share. Let others tell you what they think. Sometimes opportunities just present themselves, maybe you can do that client's mail better.
Gordon S. Glazer, CMDSM, CMDSS, MDP, MDC, President, Shipware Mail Consulting Services.