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1. Use free USPS packaging For Priority Mail
2. Reduce air space when possible to take advantage of Flat Rate, Regional Flat Rate and Cubic Priority Mail offerings. "If it fits, it ships"
3. Work with a parcel consolidator program that will allow you to use the "Plus" pricing normally available only to the largest shippers that:
a. allow you to participate in Cubic pricing tiers.
b. provides an extra $50 in free insurance. Plus customers now receive $100 per package while Base customers only get $50.
c. has no minimums. - avoids the worry of paying the difference, a very real concern!
d. allow you to ship 14, 15 and 16 ounces packages at the "Plus" tier for First Class Package Services. Without "Plus" pricing, packages over 13 ounces must go at the more expensive Priority Mail rate.
4. Make the carrier and service level decision at the point of shipping, not at the point of sale. Offer choices for deferred ground, ground, 2-3 day air and NDA. (There are some great free tools that can integrate with your ERP system to automate this rate generating process for your on-line shopping cart). Use a carrier management system to determine the lowest cost based upon dimensions and weight/zone that includes your negotiated rates with ancillary costs considered.
5. Consider working with a 3rd party logistic expert organization to help you modally optimize and negotiate best in class carrier contracts.

Gordon S. Glazer, CMDSM, CMDSS, MDP, MDC is the President of Mail Consulting Services for Shipware, LLC. He specializes in reducing shipping and mailing costs through modal optimization and other strategies. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at Gordon@shipware.com or 858.879.2020 x 108