Shipping with the USPS and using Priority Mail? With three types of Priority Mail to use - regular Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate and Priority Mail Regional Rates - finding the lowest cost option for your package can be a challenge.

To simplify everything for shippers, check out this FREE Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide. Using an easy-to-use table with Priority Mail prices (including Padded Envelopes) listed from lowest to highest by weight and zone, the free guide can help shippers view all shipping options and rates to identify opportunities for greater cost savings.

Download the Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide at:

Priority Mail Tips from the Guide:

· For 1 lb. packages, other than the Flat Rate Small Box -- which is the size of an old VHS video tape -- regular Priority Mail is the cheapest option for a 1 lb. package.

· Generally speaking, if you can ship your package in Flat Rate Padded Envelope you can save money. The only exception is if you are shipping to Zones 1 to 3 - Regional Rate Box A will be cheaper than the Flat Rate Padded Envelope.

· Regional Rate Box A is the lowest cost box you can use between 3 and 15 lbs.

· If you are shipping heavy packages that weigh 26 lbs. or more, you'll want to use Priority Mail Flat Rate. You pay the same low flat rate cost whether it weighs 1 lb. or 70 lbs. and cost efficiencies start at 26 lbs
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