Rochester, NY – November 29, 2016: Today BCC Software™, a leader in postal preparation and address quality solutions, announced it is releasing the second module for the Integratec™ API Platform, the Address Standardization Toolkit. With this toolkit, users will be able to standardize and correct address lists, leveraging USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) certification within a fully integrated workflow.

Using USPS CASS certified technology allows mailers a wide range of benefits including eligibility for postage discounts, improved deliverability, reduced waste, faster mail transit, and better address data.

“CASS certification is a widely recognized and respected USPS standard for address quality,” said Chris Lien, president of BCC Software. “A USPS CASS certified solution forms the lynch pin of any data quality strategy, merge and purge process, or the claiming of critical USPS postage discounts.”

Launched in June, Integratec is built for modern IT environments. The modularity of the API Toolkit helps mail preparers by allowing them to expand from single machines to multiple machines – allowing additional hardware to be leveraged. Likewise, the scalability allows companies to process more jobs simultaneously. The Integratec API Platform is the only available USPS PAVE™ certified API using the secure messaging layer, ZeroMQ™ with the CurveZMQ protocol, enabling Integratec to pass even the most stringent security requirements industries like healthcare and finance. Now, with the Address Standardization toolkit, which includes BCC Software’s CASS certified ZIPFOURce™ technology, Integratec users can optimize contact data management.

Along with application for traditional printers and mailers, Integratec’s Address Standardization Toolkit is an opportunity for any company interested in better utilizing address data. There are numerous opportunities up and downstream for applying improved contact information. For example, a financial or insurance business could integrate and automate CASS Certified address quality processing in a data collection workflow and then send corrected data back upstream to databases, creating a real-time, up-to-date data collection.

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