Cambridge, MA company, Window Book, Inc. introduces two new tools to help mailers avoid fees and save precious time.

    USPS Mailer Scorecard assessments have begun. Once fees are deducted, mailers have only 10 days to dispute charges.

    Window Book officially introduces YourScore and By/For Validate! to help mailers avoid assessments and take control of their Mailer Scorecards. YourScore proactively delivers Mailer Scorecards via email, along with a color-coded message, providing instant analysis. By/For Validate! is an early warning system which not only looks for by/for conflicts, but validates any non-profit authorizations (NPA’s) in your Mail.dat files.

    “Many mailers were not convinced that the United States Postal Service would start implementing assessments for Full-Service errors, but they have,” said Jeff Peoples, CEO of Window Book, who added, “Many mailers were not monitoring their Scorecards and are paying for it. Let’s face it, accessing the USPS site is not trivial! This is exactly why we’ve been working on these much-needed tools, to help clients avoid assessments without the hassle.”

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    About Window Book
    Window Book has been helping clients improve their mailing and shipping operations to increase profits and reduce costs for almost three decades. The company continues to develop solutions which further automate post-presort operations at every stage, including editing and importing Mail.dat files, submitting them to PostalOne!, retrieving statements and managing Mailer Scorecards.