DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 4, 2018 — Bell and Howell announced today that it has acquired the assets of Connecticut-based Gunther International Ltd to further expand its mail-inserting product portfolio and continue to build on its industry-leading service capabilities.

This acquisition follows the purchase of Sensible Technologies one year ago, and most recently, the introduction of CX Touchpoints℠, Bell and Howell’s innovative omnichannel communications platform. Each of these transactions has enabled the company to better focus its time, attention and resources to the needs of the production-mail space.

“Acquiring Gunther is another strategic move that strengthens Bell and Howell’s leadership position in an area that is fundamental to our success as a company,” said Bell and Howell CEO Ramesh Ratan, Ph.D. “We are committed to the production-mail space and are making substantial investments that will enable us to better serve our customers.”

Gunther International is a leading manufacturer of high-volume, intelligent-software-driven mailing systems to the insurance and banking industries. It leads the field in complex, high-page-count mail finishing via high-throughput machines, guaranteed integrity at every stage of the insertion process, and machines that can process both flat and folded mail. Its Champion™ software is a highly sophisticated and extremely flexible operating system in mail-finishing equipment control and management systems. Customers of both Bell and Howell and Gunther will benefit from an even greater service footprint, enhanced capabilities, and access to an expanded product portfolio.

“We are excited to add top technical talent to the Bell and Howell service team,” said Jim Feely, Bell and Howell’s senior vice president of global service solutions. “This is also a win for Gunther customers, who will benefit from an enhanced service offering from Bell and Howell’s high-tech service organization.”

For more information on Gunther International, visit www.guntherintl.com. To learn more about Bell and Howell, visit www.bellhowell.net, call 1-800-220-3030 or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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