Lincoln, Neb., July 18, 2019 -- CapStone Technologies has released the latest version of its patented AutoViri Sleever robotic technology. The robot, which now offers double the sleeve capacity, automates the sleeving of mail trays for the print-to-mail industry, increasing throughput and efficiency.

The AutoViri Sleever 6.0 now features up to four sleeve cartridges, allowing up to 1,000 sleeves to be loaded at a time. Customers who own a previous version of the AutoViri Sleever can retrofit their existing robots with additional cartridges to increase productivity.

The improved AutoViri Sleever 6.0 has the same small footprint, and it sleeves all letter-size USPS trays – including MM, EMM and half (also known as 1-foot) sleeves – with multiple combinations possible, automatically recognizing each tray type in real-time.

“The AutoViri Sleever brings automation and efficiency to an industry that operates on tight deadlines and even tighter margins,” said Troy Power, co-founder of CapStone Technologies. “Using robotic technology to streamline repetitive manual tasks ensures accuracy while freeing your production team to focus on bigger issues.”

The AutoViri Sleever is a part of a full suite of solutions that automate and streamline print-to-mail operations, including additional robots for traying, tagging, and palletizing, as well as software. The AutoViri software provides virtual visibility to physical production operations, while also preventing and detecting USPS Mailer Scorecard errors in real-time on the production floor. Used separately or together, AutoViri Solutions help mailers of all sizes operate more efficiently and protect their USPS workshare discount, increasing profitability.

About CapStone Technologies, LLC

CapStone Technologies provides automation services and business engineering to the print-to-mail industry with state-of-the-art robotic technology, advanced innovation, and proven process engineering to create efficiencies and save labor. Its one-of-a-kind software solution connects the physical and digital workflows on the production floor to provide virtual visibility of performance while reducing errors to protect USPS discounts. For more information, visit the media center at