Are you looking for a valuable touchpoint for your business to make its mailing and shipping concerns known? We have just the group for you. Postal Customer Councils (PCC) are Postal Service-sponsored organizations where postal business customers meet on a regular basis to network, learn about the latest postal products and services, and interact with the local postal leadership team.

    The PCC program’s mission isto foster a close working relationship between the U.S. Postal Service and commercial mailers. Our goal is to share information about new and existing Postal Service business products, programs, services, and procedures. Through focused educational programs and regular interactions, the PCC strives to help mail and shipping industry members and their organizations grow and develop. Joining your local PCC is easy and provides great benefits for your business.

    Educationis a core benefit of PCC membership.With access to our executives, you learnaboutUSPSproducts,services, and tools being offered to improvemailquality.This includes how-tos for employing direct mail’s power in an omnichannel marketing campaign. Additionally, you will learnhow to leveragebest practicesthat should improvemailing effectiveness,efficiency,andprofitability.

    Networking is another benefit for business mailers joining a local PCC.These organizations provide the space and opportunity for professionals in the mailing and shipping industry to meet with USPSexecutives. Another important value is hearing from other businesses about how they use mail to grow their business while facing many of the same challenges you do.

    Communication keeps PCC members up to date about USPS changes. For example, you will

    learn about upcoming promotionsand incentivesthatprovide discounts for mail use. This communication goes both ways as PCC’s provide businesses like yours with a forum to discussandresolve localmailingissues withyourlocalPostal Service personnel.

    For more information about the PCC program, send an email to

    Lewis Johnson is National PCC Program Manager, Customer Outreach, Corporate Affairs, United States Postal Service.

    This article originally appeared in the September/October, 2023 issue of Mailing Systems Technology.