(Alexandria, Va., November 12, 2015)-Fulfillment company sales and operations executives will learn how to better prepare their organizations for success in 2016 at two new webinars from Epicomm, the Association for Leaders in Print, Mail, Fulfillment, and Marketing Services. InterlinkONE Vice President Karen DeWolfe will present the programs, "16 Things You Can Do NOW to Get Your Fulfillment Sales Ready for 2016!" on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 2:00 ET,  and "16 Things You Can Do NOW to Get Your Fulfillment Operations Ready for 2016!" on Thursday, Dec. 8, at 2:00 ET.


"We're just a few weeks away from 2016, so if you want to get your 2016 fulfillment sales off on the right foot, it's vital for you to ramp up efforts now," says DeWolfe, pointing out that the average sales  pipeline for most companies takes about 12 to16 weeks.


"The holiday period ahead is not only very busy for most fulfillment companies, but also cuts about two weeks out of the fiscal fourth quarter," she continues. "As a result, companies have a very limited time to both fulfill orders for clients and plan for the coming year, so they really need to make the most of it. These webinars will help them focus their efforts on actions that will have a positive impact on their 2016 bottom line right out of the gate."


"Fulfillment is an increasingly critical and complex part of the graphic communications industry, given the rise of targeted marketing, variable data, and online commerce, and these programs will help our fulfillment company members and others interested in fulfillment operations gain new insights and information about how to operate and generate sales at the highest level," says Epicomm Executive Vice President Dean D'Ambrosi.


"We urge all our members to take advantage of these free programs focused on this important industry area," he adds. "We've also made the webinars very affordable to non-members and encourage them to participate as well."


In the November webinar, DeWolfe will offer 16 ideas fulfillment companies can use to ensure that sales do not fall off in the first months of the new year. In December, she will look at operations issues, providing answers to questions such as: What's on the horizon for fulfillment providers? What laws may affect your business in 2016? What are the new technologies that your clients might ask you about?


"Tune into these webinars to learn the answers to those questions and other key issues you need to think about to make sure you start your 2016 fulfillment sales and operations off strong!" says DeWolfe.


The fulfillment webinars are free for Epicomm members and $50 for non-members. For information, call (703) 836-9200 or go to www.epicomm.org/events/webinars. Or register online at http://ilink.me/Web_Reg.


These webinars are part of an extensive program of educational webinars, workshops, and regional meetings offered by Epicomm. Among other upcoming webinars:

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·       Feb. 10, 2016: Sales in 15! Overcoming Objections


For information on Epicomm webinars, please go to www.epicomm.org/events/webinars.


About Epicomm:

Epicomm, the Association for Leaders in Print, Mail, Fulfillment, and Marketing Services, is a not-for-profit business management association representing companies in the $80+ billion graphic communications industry in North America. It provides industry advocacy, management training, and a comprehensive slate of business-building solutions for companies in an evolving market environment. It was created in 2014 through the merger of the Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP) and the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL)/National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP). Its founding associations have some 200 years of combined experience serving graphic communications companies of every size and specialty. Epicomm headquarters is at 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 320, Alexandria, Va., 22314. For more information, visit www.epicomm.org or call (800) 333-6272.