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Nov. 19 2009 09:04 AM

At the MTAC WG 122 meeting today, the USPS shared its policies for verification and sampling procedures for Full-Service IMb. USPS said it plans to publish the information through a DMM Advisory, perhaps later this week. This information will include scenarios at acceptance that could result in the mailer losing their Full Service discount, and/or their ACS information. An example of this policy is that in the sampling of scanning container labels, if there were only one label missing or without an IM barcode, no issue, but if there are two or more, the whole mailing will lose its Full Service discount. There are also unresolved issues with what happens when the mailing loses Full Service and goes at Basic IMb but then all the Service Type ID codes on the pieces are wrong because they were Full Service, not Basic. These policies go into effect when the IMb price discount takes effect on November 29.