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Alexander's Print Advantage had a large-scale project to complete: to mail 80,000 appointment reminder postcards on behalf of a client - a major dental service provider. Alexander's needed an automated solution flexible and powerful enough to handle a high daily volume of around 45,000. The company also had to verify the patient's contact information was updated and presort the mail for maximum postal discounts.

Melissa Data's Address Object and Presort Object

Address Object benefits
Ø Ensures the integrity of your database
Ø Catches data-input errors
Ø Get latitude/longitude coordinates
Ø Verifies data in batch or point-of-entry

Presort Object benefits
Ø Reduce postage costs up to 35%
Ø Ability to build customizable presort program
Ø Increase delivery speed

"We didn't want to add a manual process into the mix," says Dan Mortimer, Alexander's chief technology officer. After scouring the industry for companies that would give them the flexibility to build in presorting power into their applications and help them cleanse their database - Alexander's Print Advantage chose Melissa Data. "Melissa Data's developer tools - are developer tools," Mortimer says.

Utilizing Melissa Data's Address Object helped the company verify patient contact information, and get the carrier routes, while Presort Object enabled them to presort their lists for the lowest postal rates possible.

Mortimer estimates that the company saved $2,500 in postal discounts during the first month of its campaign. And Mortimer expects savings to increase to $5,000 per month in the future. He also anticipates saving up to 15 hours of manual labor a month, as a result of using Presort Object.

"We were 100% fully automated no one touched the process," Mortimer says. This is possible because Presort Object is a true API, rather than the pre-built form. So the tool allows the integrator to configure the mailing parameters once, then run the process automatically without a computer operator.

As a result, Alexander's was able to verify its client's contact data and mail out the postcards on time. "We pushed the limits of [Melissa Data's] products and they met our expectations," Mortimer adds. "We also did load testing to see if [Presort Object] would hold up to processing millions of records. Our anticipated daily volume is 45,000. We needed to make sure it would process this volume and it had no problems in our testing."

Mortimer adds, "The tools worked quickly and accurately. It's been incredible."

When asked what features he liked most about Address Object and Presort Object, Mortimer explains, "Melissa Data's developer tools are enterprise-ready, faster to operate, are multi-platform and are available in 64-bit."

About Alexander's Print Advantage
Alexander's Print Advantage is a privately-held commercial printing company based in Lindon, Utah. The firm is an industry pioneer in the convergence of technology innovation with graphic and print communications.

About Melissa Data
Melissa Data is a leading provider of data quality, marketing and mailing solutions. Melissa Data helps companies acquire and retain customers, validate and enhance data, improve marketing ROI and save money on postage and mail processing. Since 1985, Melissa Data has helped companies like Mercury Insurance, Xerox, Disney, AAA, and Nestle improve customer communications.

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